Swim with me, part 1

As so many other young European woman, who comes to live in the States, also I was scared of gaining weight. It's like a rule, if you move to America, you WILL gain weight. Before my year started, I decided to fight those America-kilos. Swimming became one of the weapons in this battle. 

My swimming program includes six (6) parts. Now on, I want to share these with you guys! If you follow the program as strictly as I do, you will get and SEE results! I swim twice a week, on Tuesday and on Thursday, so every part has two different workouts. Here we go!


Workout 1, Tuesday:

warm up: 200m easy swimming. 

2x: 4x25m kicking with board, rest 15s between sets 
    2x50m backstroke, rest 15s. 

100m easy swimming.

4x50m, every 50m faster! 

100m kick easy.

150m cool down. 

Last week challenge: 300m swimming briskly in a row. 

/1150m (without the challenge)

Workout 2, Thursday: 

warm up: 25m, 50m, 75m, 100m, 75m, 50m, 25m. Rest 15s

20x25m swim, every other easy/fast

4x50m kick

6x25m cool down. 


I swim backstroke, but obviously you swim whatever suits you the best! I suck at freestyle, but every time I try it, I started with 25m on the first week, and now I'm already able to do 4x50m in freestyle! And when I said I suck, last summer I was able to do 5m freestyle and I felt like drowning. But don't tell that to anyone, it's embarrassing.

You don't have to have any kind of a background with swimming, I went to swim classes when I was a kid, that's my background! My mommy says I would have been a good swimmer though... I hate running, so I thought that swimming would do it, and I love it! It's amazing workout and I recommend it to everyone! I've been swimming for 4 months now and I can see myself getting better at it every time. 

NOTE: you need a real swimsuit, goggles, cap if you have a long hair and a nose clip makes swimming much more comfortable when the chlorine water is not up in your nose all the time! 

I hope some of you would try this out, I'll be posting part 2 in a few weeks. Comment below and tell how did it feel! 

Have a wonderful week, 

- Sanni

25m= 82ft ¼ inch, so one lap!


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