Fight that pizzaface

I know I'm not the only au pair who has come across with this issue. Pimples, blackheads and F up face. I've talked about this with my other Scandinavian au pair friends, and we have a multiple ideas what it is, that makes our face look worse than it did in the early puberty.

Climate is absolutely different, so that's a reason number one. Then there's the water. Like c'mon, the fact that we can't drink the tap water speaks to itself. The water is filthy! Our tap water is so clean back at home, I really miss it. And the third reason, that I know for sure is affecting me. Hormones. My body is soooo sensitive and it reacts to life changes easily. It's actually very common. And moving to the other side of the world IS a big deal. Some girls might lose their periods for a while, and some, like me, gets the blooming face. How fun is that! 

When I was 14-16 my skin was really bad. Like acne bad. It got a lot better with pills, but since it used to be so bad, it still is a delicate thing to me, and I go crazy when it becomes keeping my skin good! So you can only imagine my struggle here. And my happiness when I found the solution!!! SO IF YOU'VE BEEN SKIPPING THE TEXT, HERE'S WHERE YOU SHOULD START READING!

My host mom's sister told me about label called Neutrogena and it's miracle on-the-spot creme. I went to CVS (later I've seen this product in SHAWS too) and found this creme. I also bought it's acne wash stuff and together these were under $20. Combine these two, and trust me, not a single pimple or blackhead is left! 


How does the magic work? I can tell you that it WON'T work, if you apply the creme all over your face three times a day, just to make sure it reaches all your pimples. No. Then you'll wake up the next morning and your skin will be pink and feel like sandpaper, because the creme has burned it. You won't be able to open your mouth properly and the skin will hurt and itch 24/7 for the next five or so days, until it heals. Yes, I'm speaking by experience. 

So, how it WILL work, here's what I do:

- First I wash my face with L'oreal's Skin Perfectin Cleansing Milk. It removes all the makeup! Even if I'm not wearing any makeup, I use this because it makes my skin super soft. 
- Then I use the Oil-Free Acne wash, gently rubbing my face with it. Wash properly with water.
- Moisturizing creme. Right now I'm using Nivea. 
- Then finally, IF I have a pimple I apply the on-the-spot creme just a little and ON THE SPOT. Not all over. On. The. Spot. And only if I actually have a pimple. 

And that's it. This is my night routine, I wouldn't use that acne wash stuff more than once a day, can't be good for your skin. I also don't usually use any foundation, only powder, to avoid plugging my skin too bad.

I hope you guys got some help from this post, comment below if you have any other solutions that has worked for your skin! Have a super good day!

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- Sanni

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  1. Aika jännä miten ihmiset reagoi noihin muutoksiin eri tavalla :) Mulla hiukset kärsi ekana tosta paskasesta ja mineraalisesta vedestä, ne rupes ihan samantien tuntumaan tosi sellasista hötösiltä (yäk!) ja niit kans irtoili. Mun luona vieraillut siskokin valitti samaa :/ Mut sit taas naama ei oo koskaan ollut yhtä virheetön ku Jenkeis asuessa vaikka itekin oon entinen 24/7 pizza-naama. Tosin Nevadassa se superkuiva ilmasto pitää kyl aikas tehokkaasti ihonkin kuivana ja puhtaana. Mut anyways pointti oli se et tuntuu et jokainen vaihtari/aupair/mikä lienee kärsii jotenkin :P Noi Neutrogenat on kyllä hurjan hyviä, ite käytin sekä Jenkeissä että Suomessa ja eipä enää akne vaivaa. Ja ehkä se ikäkin vähän hoiti sen ongelman ;D

  2. Olipas sekava kommentti, sori :DD

    1. Joo moni on tota hiusasiaa kans valittanu mut ite en oo huomannu mun hiuksis mitää eroo. Ihan paskaset ne nyt on ku ei tunnu tota hiustenpesuaikaa löytyvän mut se nyt johtuu näistä muksuista haha mut siis ilmasto vaikuttaa iha sikana ja kaikil eri taval! Ja tä Neutrogena lähtee kyl munki mukaa!!