Valentine's Day 2015

I'm writing in English this time, so that all my dear friends can understand, since it's the Valentine's Day! My day is getting better and better every hour, so I need to share all this with you, whoever's behind the screen. I'm full of love right now and I feel like nothing could ruin this day from me! 

I've never been a Valentine for anyone, but this year I got to be Justin's Valentine, and he made sure that I had an unforgettable Valentine's Day (well pre-VD on Friday, since today's snow storm ruined our original plans, but I don't care haha). You guys who are confused that who's this random dude I'm talking about, he's this pretty awesome guy that I met a month ago and now I can't get rid of him (not that I want to tho). So yesterday we had delicious steak for dinner that Justin had made, and later I got my first VD gift ever, teddybear and Finnish chocolate!! I've really missed Finnish chocolate, I don't know where he got it, but I'm very very happy and impressed! 

Today I also finally got my box from Finland! It was suppose to come already on Wednesday, but because of the snow, it was stuck in Boston. But I guess that this was the perfect day to get the box! My family had filled the box with my favorite Finnish candy and snacks and I couldn't be happier! 

Also I gotta brag that I have some amazing friends (and amazing sister) back in Finland, and they made a huge favor for me last weekend and today, I'm lucky to have true friends around the world! 

So like I said, I'm full of love today and I can't stop smiling! I hope you all have as great weekend that I've had this far!!

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Kisses and hugs!!

- Sanni

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